Principal’s Welcome Message

Reseachers and psychologist suggest that environmental factors can increase the academic performance and motivate attendance.

It’s proven that overcrowded and stressful environment can affect the learning capabilities of children. The site for educational institutions like schools is a crucial concern as noise and temperature levels are said to affect the understanding levels in students. Physical conditions can leave both positive and negative effects on the students’ all inclusive development.


I felt that there’s something to be done. As I figure out my passion, I stop wishing. This lead me to my purpose. It is not the passion that I have but the courage to fulfill my vision… A new and owned LES site and school building.

Having rooms and learning spaces in good conditions is decisive for students to achieve the expected academic result. In other words, the conditions of the school directly impact the performance of the learners.


Lapu-Lapu Elementary School is now on its journey torwards achieving the 53 years old dream of having an owned school site and building. The physical environment of the school speaks to the contribution that safe, clean and comfortable surroundings make to a positive school climate in which students can learn. For this reason, investment in school infrastructure have an essential role in solving access problems of students to the school system and to improve their performance.

The building is important but it is still the people and learners that make the school.


With 32 dynamic teachers, the LES family is facilitating various teaching strategies with a heart that would nurture not jut the academic feat of the pupils but more importantly the attitude as they develop lifelong learning.


Appreciation is hereby given to the City Mayor Hon. JOSEPH EJERCITO ESTRADA for the steadfast support to materialize the goal of having a new, safe and conducive learning environment.

Building relationships with individuals, NGOs LGUs and businesses in the community  helped the school tremendously. Benefits include donations, personal time, and overall positive support for LES. It is a vital part of any principal’s job to nurture their relationships with the parents and community members. No wonder that sixteen CCTVs, a paging system, photo copier, several computer sets, new refrigerator, sound system etc. were among the contributions from them not to mention the effort and time of the parents extend for the orderliness and safety of the learners. Having good relations with parents and community members can benefit you in a variety of areas. If you have bulit trusting relationship with parents, they would support you all the way! Come and discover the magic between us in LES and be a part of this wonderful solidarity!


So grateful to the projects of SDO Manila like the Scanning Machine that would benefit not just the learners and teachers but the whole system as well. With the advancement of the internet and increase in the number of its user, school can make use of it to increase thier students intake. Kudos to the initiative of our SDS JENILYN ROSE B. CORPUZ in pursuing this venture.


September 2019
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Lapu-Lapu Elementary School used to be known as F.G. Calderon Elementary School Annex (De Jesus Building) on August 8, 1966. It became an independent primary school with Mrs. Encarnacion R. Legarda as the assistant Principal-in-charge,  less than a year after its independence (May 31, 1967), the school was name “Paaralang Lapu-Lapu ” by virtue of Municipal Resolution Order No. 30 Section 1967 signed by Manila Mayor Antonio J. Villegas. The first assistant principal, Mr. Pedro P. Alisuag, was assigned on January 12, 1968 to assist the principal in administering the school which started out with sixteen teachers in an eight-room rented De Jesus building. In July 1967, the Lacuna building was acquired to accommodate the rapidly growing school population. The following year, fifth grade classes were offered, thus fourth grade pupils need not enroll in Calderon and by July 1969, Lapu-Lapu became complete elementary school. From a modest 656 primary pupils in 1966, enrolment increased to 1,331 in school year 1969-1970. In 1971, kindergarten classes were adde, whatever  Lapu-Lapu Elementary School is now can be attributed to the dynamism and efficient management of the succession of the school administrators with the cooperation of dedicated teachers and parents and of course the pupils who make things happen.
At present School Year 2018-2019, the school total enrolment  is 855  of which are 466 boys and 389  are girls. These enrolments are being handled by 32 energetic, effective, and competent teachers, an administrator, 2  administrative aides, a clerk and, at watchman. For the pupils’ medical and dental needs, they are attended two days a week by a school dentist, and for medical, twice a week by a female nurse.  The school’s cleanliness and beautification lies in the hands of  2  administrative aides and some parent volunteers, though the school is experiencing scarcity of pupils due to road widening and relocation, it still runs smoothly and now we had 3 Kindergarten and soon a new school building will be acquired, this may be because of the school’s strong desire to achieve the status of excellence.
 From 1966 – 1971, Mrs. Encarnacion Legarda was succeeded by the following principals with their outstanding achievements during their terms: Mrs. Carmen Delos Reyes (1971 - 1972) Mrs. Paula dela Cruz (1972 - 1973) Mrs. Lydia Antonio (1973-1976) Mrs. Eva C. Romero (1976 - 1980) Mrs. Sofrenia Cudiamat (1980 - 1981) Mrs. Amelia Cesista (1981 - 1985 ) Mrs. Susana Villa (1985 - 1986) Mrs. Diosdada Lopez (1986 - 1988) Dr. Ma. Luisa S. Quinones (1988 - 1989)  Mrs. Perla Morano (1989 - 1991)Mrs. Estrella Aquino (1991 - 1992) Mrs. Godelia H. Ato (1992 - 1995) Mrs. Teresita Silverio (1995 - 1997) Mrs. Corazon F. Dela Dingco (1997 - 1998)  Dr. Ofelia L. Viray Ed. D. (1998 - 2000)   Miss Fe T. Duldulao (2000 - 2003) Mrs. Concepcion L. Vasquez (2003 - June 4, 2008) Dr. Amelia C. Selerio Ed. D.(June 5, 2008 - Jan. 4, 2011)  Dr. Estrella L. Agbayani Ed. D. (Jan. 5, 2011 - June 2011) Mrs. Marilou S. Calma (July 4, 2011 –Aug 4, 2013)   Mrs. Josepina D. Villarea l (Aug 5, 2013 – Jan.2015)  Mrs. Aireen N. Perez ( Jan. 6. 2015- up to the present.)